pátek 17.03.2023

LFA and FAČR conclude a new Framework Agreement

LFA and FAČR conclude a new Framework Agreement

pátek 17.03.2023
The League Football Association and the Football Association of the Czech Republic today concluded a new Framework Agreement, so the LFA will be granted the rights to manage the professional competitions for the next period.

The framework contract, which was signed today by the chairman of the League Football Association, Dušan Svoboda, and the chairman of the Football Association of the Czech Republic, Petr Fousek, was concluded for a period of 4 years, from 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2028. The contract also includes bilateral option right with extension of validity for another 4 years, i.e. until 30 June 2032.

The contract is the result of more than a year of negotiations between the management of the FAČR and the management of the LFA, and its approval on both sides ensures continuity after 30.6.2024 when the current agreement will end.

"In principle, I consider the contractual arrangement to be the fairest variant of the relationship between the football association and professional football, many countries do not have such an advanced structure," emphasized Petr Fousek, chairman of the FAČR.

"The calendar of national league competitions, the season format, all the scheduling and the kick-off times are fully within the competence of the LFA. Likewise, the functioning of the LFA disciplinary committee. Licensing of member clubs in both divisions will continue to be conducted by the FAČR, in these parameters the new contract does not change from the current one, which expires at the end of the next season, only partial clarifications are made based on practical experience from recent years," revealed Dušan Svoboda, chairman of the LFA and added more detailed information on the financial setting and income distribution among both organisation in the contract. "The LFA will contribute seven million crowns to the FAČR every year, plus a 5% share of the LFA's income from an amount exceeding 250 million crowns per season. On the other hand, the league will receive a share of 10% of the results of the national team in the League of Nations and 15% of the bonus for promoting to the Euro and the World Cup. This means that the FAČR will benefit from the commercial success of the league, and the LFA will benefit from the sporting success of the senior national football team. In the interest of all league clubs, the needs of the national team will meet as much as possible."

"This financial arrangement is mutually motivating and at the same time an expression of solidarity in the areas where FAČR and LFA cooperate," added Petr Fousek.

An important change is the fact that the LFA will organize the Czech Cup from the 2024/25 season, while the content and marketing of the cup (now the MOL Cup) remains a FAČR competition.

Regarding the FAČR Referee Board, the situation remains unchanged. Chairman of the Referee Board for both highest competitions will be still appointed by the FAČR Executive Committee in agreement with the LFA. One member of the Referee Board will be appointed and dismissed by the FAČR Executive Committee only at the suggestion of the LFA.

Regarding the VAR project, the project continues with the obligation of the LFA to secure the technical solutions and technological security. Personnel, methodical and regulatory management and the application of the project falls under the competence of FAČR. However, this point is the subject of a separate memorandum between LFA and FAČR, which accompanies the framework agreement and regulates all parameters of the VAR issue, incl. joint efforts of FAČR and LFA for further progress.

In a similar way, i.e. the accompanying memorandum, the support of talented youth in the LFA member clubs by the FAČR is regulated. The FAČR decides on the overall concept of talented youth throughout the Czech Republic through its regulations.

Compared to the past, the role of the LFA in the creation of regulations issued by the FAČR is being strengthened, when the FAČR undertakes not to refuse, without a serious reason, approval of the LFA's proposal to change those regulations issued by the FAČR, which are directly related to the organization, management and security of professional competitions. The LFA also has a newly guaranteed representative in the FAČR Legislative Council, which should contribute to the coordination of different perspectives on the creation of legislative regulations and thus to their improvement.