pátek 03.02.2023

The league football is back and the clubs were already discussing the next season

The league football is back and the clubs were already discussing the next season

pátek 03.02.2023
Already on Saturday, January 28, after a record-long winter break, the highest football competition was played again. Even before the seventeenth round of FORTUNA:LIGA, the Club Assembly took place in Prague, where the member clubs of the League Football Association approved several important points.

Calendar of the season 2023/24

One of the key points on the agenda was the schedule of the upcoming season. The 2023/24 season will once again include a play-off part with a total of 35 league rounds and a promotion series with the clashes between the first and second league teams. In this year´s summer, both top competitions will start on the same weekend of July 22-23, 2023. "During the first half of the season, three national team breaks must be taken into account. We have just added one extra round at FORTUNA: NATIONAL LEAGUE during the week at the beginning of August. After years affected by COVID-19 and the unusual date of the World Cup last year, we can afford an eight-week winter break for FORTUNA:LIGA clubs, which I consider adequate," Dušan Svoboda, chairman of the LFA League Committee, evaluated the approved draft schedule.

Important dates of the 2023/24 calendar:

22.-23.7.2023 – Start of the season (1st round F:L and F:NL)

2/8/2023 – Inserted 3rd round F:NL

11.-12.11.2023 – Last autumn Round of 16 F:NL

16.-17.12.2023 – Last autumn 19th round F:L

10.-11.2.2024 – First spring round of 20 F:L

2.-3.3.2024 – First spring round of 17 F:NL

4.-26.5.2024 – Extension part of the F:L FINALS

29.5-2.6.2024 – Playoff double matches for promotion to F:L

League clubs will receive significantly higher financial amounts from UEFA

Every year, the European football union UEFA redistributes part of the funds generated from its club competitions among all national associations in the form of so-called solidarity payments. Within the framework of the rules and the agreement between the LFA and the FAČR, these funds go to the talented youth academies of clubs of the highest competition, with the total amount being distributed to clubs that started in the season in question in FORTUNA:LEAGUE and at the same time were not participants in the basic groups of any of the European club competitions.

For the last season 2021/22, it therefore concerns thirteen clubs, as Sparta, Slavia and Jablonec played in the group stage of the Europa or Conference leagues. Thanks to the joint efforts in the field of football diplomacy of the European Leagues, of which the LFA is a member, it was possible to significantly increase the amount which UEFA sends to national associations. "Compared to the past, the solidarity payment distribution system also favors member associations outside the TOP5 European leagues, and at the same time there is a 100% increase in the share for associations without a participant in the Champions League. At the same time, the shares for individual associations are calculated using a new methodology, where according to the value of the Champions League television market, only 10% is newly distributed instead of the previous 40% and the remaining 90% according to the position of the individual associations in the UEFA club competition rankings for the 2021/22 competition year," explained the executive director of LFA Tomáš Bárta.

Thirteen FORTUNA:LIGA participants from the 2021/22 competition year will thus be equally divided according to the key set by the UEFA international federation, in the total amount of €2,970,000, while last year it was only €735,828.

The LFA will host the European Leagues congress in April

The LFA has started preparations to host the European Leagues Congress in April. The 46th General Assembly of the European Leagues will take place in Prague from April 19 to 21. The Czech capital will welcome delegations from more than 40 leagues from all over Europe. This is an extremely prestigious event for the League Football Association.

"We are already an established organization on the football map of Europe. At various levels of negotiations on the future of European club football, our voice has its weight and at the same time we can draw on information and experience from other competitions across the continent," said Dušan Svoboda, chairman of the LFA League Committee. The top representatives of all member competitions meet twice a year at the European Leagues congress. "From the point of view of international football diplomacy, I consider it a success. We appreciate the trust of the European Leagues, which entrusted us with the organization of the 46th Congress, and we will try to organize an unforgettable meeting in Prague," added Dušan Svoboda.

Celebrations of the thirtieth annual season of the independent Czech league in full swing

The season 2022/23 is the jubilee thirtieth season since the divided Czechoslovak federation and the LFA will continue the celebrations in the spring part of the season. After the introduction of the first ever official league match ball or the launch of the official league e-shop, further activities are planned. In February, a roadshow around primary schools in league cities will begin, as part of the thirtieth round of the thirtieth season, a special arrangement dedicated to this extraordinary event will take place at the stadiums, but also a special microsite tricatasezona.cz has been launched, where fans will find interesting content.

"We all want to enjoy together the extraordinary milestone of professional football competitions in our country, and I believe that all the activities that we have prepared together with the clubs until the end of the season will be a worthy celebration of this anniversary. We focused not only on the smallest fans, but cross-sectionally on all groups of football fans," said Daniel Hajný, sales and marketing director of LFA.

There was also released an attractive and entertaining contest show with the characteristic name Kličkuj! ("make a skill!"), which will be moderated by the legendary TV contest show star Jan Rosák. The video content will have a total of ten parts and fans will see it gradually on the league's social media channels. Following on from it, the LFA will also offer fans the opportunity to test their knowledge of the history of professional Czech football in a competition for rich prizes such as match tickets or scarves and jerseys of their favorite teams.