pátek 21.06.2024

The LFA League Committee has newly appointed members. Match for Europe cancelled

The LFA League Committee has newly appointed members. Match for Europe cancelled

pátek 21.06.2024
The draw of the two top domestic leagues for the next season was one of the important parts of the agenda at the League Football Association's General Assembly. At the session that took place in Prague new members of the LFA League and Control Committee were elected and appointed. Funding reallocation for the next season was also resolved, and the decision was made that Match for Europe would not be played in the upcoming season.

Staffing Adjustments in the LFA League and Control Committee

The tenure of the current LFA League Committee expires on 30 June 2024, and, based on the changes of the LFA Statutes approved by the General Assembly at its April meeting, it was necessary to re-elect and appoint all its members with effect from 1 July 2024. This is according to the new model.

For the first time in its history, the LFA will not have a chairman or vice-chairmen. As of 1 July, the powers of the LFA's Executive Director will be extended with Tomáš Bárta continuing as Executive Director.

As for the staffing of the League Committee, five members were nominated by their clubs. Four for the top league from the teams that finished in the top four positions of the table in the last season. The reigning champion Sparta elected Dušan Svoboda, the runner-up Slavia elected Jaroslav Tvrdík, Plzeň elected Adolf Šádek and Baník Ostrava elected Václav Brabec.

For the second league, the club that finished in the highest non-promotional position nominated its representative. Sigma B selected Ladislav Minář to the League Committee.

The other two members of the League Committee were elected. The representatives of the first league elected Dariusz Jakubowicz from Bohemians Praha 1905, the representatives of the second league elected Martin Vozábal from FC Silon Táborsko. 

All members of the League Committee are elected for one competition year, i.e. until 30 June 2025.

Three members of the LFA Control Committee were also elected with two members from the first league and one from the second league. Richard Jukl from Hradec Králové, Libor Kleibl from Slovan Liberec and Lukáš Vaculík from Vysočina Jihlava were elected as new members.

Members of the Control Committee are elected for four years.

Distribution of Finances

Another important thing discussed at the General Assembly was the redistribution of funds for the 2024/25 season. The League Football Association will distribute at least CZK 660 million to the clubs of both domestic leagues. Once again, the principle of solidarity will be applied in a set-up similar to previous years, i.e. approximately 85 percent of the total amount will be distributed to the teams of the first league and approximately 15 percent to the teams of the second league.

The distribution amongst the first league clubs will be based on five pillars that will determine the amount of remuneration for each club. These pillars include: basic equal share; bonus for the table position including relegation bonus; bonus for playing the qualifying rounds of the UEFA club competitions; share of TV ratings; extra bonus if the LFA makes a profit.

The distribution amongst the second league clubs will be based on three pillars. These include: basic equal share; bonus for placing and new contribution to clubs relegated to the CFL or MSFL; and extra bonus if the LFA makes a profit.

The Match for Europe No Longer in Place

An important change that will affect the format of the top domestic league in the 2024/25 season has been cleared. In the season finale, the participants in the middle group, i.e. the clubs that finish seventh to tenth in the regular season, will no longer play for the European club competition qualification.

The middle group will therefore change its name from "Group for Europe" to "Play-off for Position". As a reward, the winner of play-offs (finishing seventh) will secure a free draw for 2nd round of domestic Cup in the following season while both finalists of this group will receive a financial bonus.

The rules for postponing matches have also been broadened and clarified including situations where a state of calamity is declared within the territory of the Czech Republic or part of it. In such a case, just with a few exceptions, matches will be postponed.

Also, the clubs are newly allowed to perform a sixth substitution in the event of a suspected concussion. In the second league, the number of substitutes is increased to eleven following the example of the first league. Just like the top flight, the second league teams are obliged to play with the official ball of the 2024/25 season.